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Creating a Web Page

There are several ways to create a home page and several kinds of programs to aid you. To make a home page, you can create a HTML text file using a text editor program such as Notepad. You can also use a software package like Dreamweaver that generates the HTML code for you. Most word processing programs similar to Microsoft Word will save to HTML format as well. Refer to the Tutorials tab for specific information on creating a home page.

  1. Using the program of your choice, create a file with content you wish to appear on the page, and then save the file to your public_html folder as index.html. This becomes your home page. Your page is now accessible to anyone who visits your web address.
  2. To work on your web page before going live, disable the web page and then enable it when you are ready to go live. To do this, see How do I disable my web page?.
  3. To change your web page, simply edit the existing index.html file and save. You can also save a new file as index.html and it will replace the old file.
  4. To put graphics on your web page, you must link to them. If you put a graphic in the public_html folder, you can link to the graphic as pic.jpg.

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