Texas A&M University

MIME Types

MIME types are similar to file extensions but more universally accepted. They are used to identify the type of information that a file contains. While a file extension is informally understood to serve this purpose, there are no requirements that enforce it, and so oftentimes MIME types are used as well, overriding file extensions and other mappings for the same file. Examples of MIME types include .jpg and .ppt.

Texas A&M continually updates the list of acceptable MIME types to match the one distributed by the Apache web server, and add any types that get adopted by IANA. For the current list of types adopted by IANA visit MIME types not included in these lists will not be added to the Texas A&M list. If you require a custom MIME type, you can set it for your directory only by creating an .htaccess file in the appropriate directory. For additional information, please read this Apache Document.