I am Abdullah Muzahid. I am an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Texas A&M University since Fall 2018. Before that, I worked as an assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science of University of Texas at San Antonio. I received my Ph.D in Computer Science from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2012. 

My research broadly focuses on various aspects of Computer Architecture and Systems. I am interested in multiprocessor architecture, parallel programming, programming models, debugging, program analysis and synthesis. Recently, I am applying Machine Learning to solve these issues. I have received NSF CAREER award in 2017 and Intel PhD Fellowship in 2010. Here is my CV.

Recent News:
- [Oct 2023]: Our paper got accepted in HPCA 2024. Congratulations to Sabuj and team!!!
- [Aug 2023]: Our paper got accepted in MICRO 2023 and ACSAC 2023. Congratulations to both Vahid, Farabi and team!!!
- [Aug 2023]: We welcomed a new PhD student, Avery.
- [May 2023]: Shantanu defended his PhD. Congratulations to Dr. Mandal!!! He will join Wells Fargo as a machine learning engineer.
- [May 2023]: Our paper got accepted in ARCS 2023. Congratulations to Kevin and team!!!
- [April 2023]: Our paper, SmartIndex, got accepted in CAL. Congratulations to Kevin and the team!!!
- [Oct 2022]: Our paper, MERCURY, got accepted in HPCA 2023. Congratulations to Vahid and the team!!! 
- [July 2022]: Invited to serve in HPCA 2023 ERC.
- [July 2022]: NSF award for stream processing system received.
- [June 2022]: Our paper, Whistle, has been accepted in IEEE TC.
- Kathy is joining Intel as a Software Enginner from Summer 2022.
- Invited to serve in MICRO 2022 PC.
- Invited to serve in an NSF panel.
- Invited to be in ISCA 2022 PC and serve as a Publications Chair.
- Kevin is going for summer internship in AMD. Congratulations!!!
- Intel has selected us for a $75K grant for machine programming research. We are one of the only 6 groups to receive this grant this year. 
- Invited to serve in HPCA 2021 PC.
- Paper got accepted in MLSys 2021. Congratulations to Shanto!!!
- Paper got accepted in ISCA 2021. Congratulations to Jiyai!!!
- Serving in ISCA, MICRO ERC, ICCD and ICCP PC.
- Paper got accepted in SecDev 2020. Congratulations to Sungkeun!!!