What I do
Statistical and geostatistical computing using R
Develop maps using QGIS
Analysis of geospatial data using R and QGIS
Bayesian modeling (for risk analysis)
Teach Analytic Methods and GIS (emphisizing the use of open source tools)

What I'll do
Finish my PhD (soon)
Apply for jobs
Get a job
▪ Ride my nice bicycle to the job
Write a textbook about GIS in Urban Science
Take better care of my yard
And maybe, meanwhile, eat healthier and sleep earlier

What I did
Graduated in Civil Engineering
Finished Master degree in Production Engineering
Worked for couple of years doing forecasting (among other research projects)
Research assistant on hurricane evacuation projects
TA classes of Analytic Methods (grad and undergrad)

Research interests (a few)
GIS-based models of humans' spatial behavior
Agent based models
Indicators of urban environment
GIS in relation physical planning processes
Data and model inaccuracy
GIS-based communication

Where to find me
Scoates Hall, Room 125. By appointment Send E-mail

Enter from the northeast side of the building ... the door below