GeNIe on the MacOS

You will need:
XQuartz 2.7.11
WINE 3.20 (staging)
GeNIe 2.2.4

1) Install XQuartz
2) Logout and Login, or restart your computer
3) Install WINE (just 32bit is OK)
4) Execute Wine
5) On Wine Terminal window type:
> wine and drag and drop GeNIe installer file, press Return
6) GeNIe will install, Wine will install some dependencies [gecko for instance], wait and just procedure with the GeNIe registration

1) Double click Wine icon
2) Go to Wine folder
> cd "/Users/alexander/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/GeNIe 2.2 Academic"
if you installed 32 and 64 bit Windows:
> cd "/Users/alexander/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/GeNIe 2.2 Academic"
2.1) [if first time executing GeNIe you get Permission denied, run the following]
> chmod +x ./
./ and Return

P.S. You may want to create a shortcut on the desktop
1) Locate the
genie.exe file
2) right click on
genie.exe, click on Get Info
3) choose
Open With: Wine Staging, click on Change All, and close the Info window
3) right click on
genie.exe again, click on Make Alias
5) move the alias to your Desktop or any other folder
6) to open GeNIe just click on the shortcut (alias) you created