Douglas / Alexander

DRAFT/working in progress

SVI 2018 process

  1. Routine to download data: using ACS-5Y-2016 for all Texas. [script]
  2. Define variables: SVI variables
  3. Define geography: tracts and block-groups (BGs) and download estimates and margin-of-error (MOE)
  4. Cast data:
  5. Remove tracts/BGs with zero population: 38 tracts out of 5265 (Texas)
    or, Remove tracts/BGs with zero for all variables: 36 tracts out of 5265 (Texas) [did this one!]
  6. Summary of varibles:
  7. Define the standardize formula:
  8. $$z_i = {{x_i - \mu_x} \over \sigma_x}.$$
  9. Stantardize estimates: