Spring 2017

All labs meet in CEN B214 and lectures meet in CEN 130H.

Week Lab Lecture Read this...
Jan 17, 19

Map Projections

Introduction to Spatial Analysis
Scientific Writing I

Map Projections, pages 8-32

Jan 24, 26 Geodatabases Fundamentals of Spatial Analysis (Spatial Query, Join, Overlay, etc.) Geodatabases (Ref. Tables)
Jan 31, Feb 2 Spatial Analyst

Basics of Spatial Statistics
Science Writing II

Geospatial Rev
Spatial Analysis and Ch. 9
Feb 7, 9 Map Algebra

Surface Analysis
Proposal Due

Map Algebra

Feb 14, 16 Interpolation Areal Analysis Interpolation
Feb 21, 23 Distance and Density

Scientific Writing III
Mid-term Draft 1 to Peers

1) Distance & Density
2) Check out some GIS data from TAMU
Feb 28, Mar 2 Cell Stats Model Builder I
Mid-term Draft 2 to Peers
Model Builder
Mar 7, 9 Model Builder Lab I
Scientific Writing IV
Mid Term Due

Mar 14, 16 Spring Break Spring Break  
Mar 21, 23 Model Builder Lab II Other Spatial Analysis Tools  
Mar 28, 30 GPS Lab I Species Distribution Modeling
Apr 4, 6 GPS Lab II Internet-based GIS modeling  
Apr 11, 13 Internet-based GIS

Scientific Writing V
Final Due to Peers

Internet-based GIS
Apr 18, 20 Presentations

Peer Reviews Due to Writer

Apr 25, 27 Reading Week

Reading Week

May 2, 4 Finals

Term Paper Due