ESSM 464 SPATIAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT [Schedule and Materials]

Course Instructors

Dr. Michelle Lawing
Dept. of Ecosystem Science and Management 
Office: 322 Horticulture/Forest Science Blding
Office Hours: By appointment
Office Phone: 979-845-2748

Dr. Rhonda Struminger
Dept. of Ecosystem Science and Management 
Office: 315 Horticulture/Forest Science Blding
Office Hours: By appointment
Cell Phone: 979-450-8484

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
Walter Holm
Department of Ecosystem Science and Management
Office: 215 Centeq Building B (Research Park)
Office Hours: by appointment
Meeting Times and Place
Lecture: T 12:45p - 2:00p CEN 130H
Lab: R 2:20p - 4:50 CEN 214
Course Description and Prerequisites
This is a Writing course that integrates spatial systems analysis with project management to ensure knowledge of successful spatial project implementation. This course brings to light what you should know as professional Spatial Scientist. Specific subject matter includes: Strategy and Planning, Requirements Analysis, Design and Development, Deployment, and Operations and Maintenance. Students will conduct a term project working with real world data and stakeholders to develop and manage a spatial project for practical applications.

Prerequisites: A minimum of two GIS and/or remote sensing courses at junior or senior level, junior or senior classification or approval of instructor.

Learning Outcomes and Course Objectives
  1. Explain and use the concepts and skills of project management as applied to geographic information systems and remote sensing.
  2. Illustrate critical thinking and demonstrate problem-solving skills.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to acquire, interpret, and present conclusions orally and in writing.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively in teams and exercise leadership skills on projects.
  5. Demonstrate professional and ethical behavior as well as environmental stewardship, including civic responsibility.
  6. Recognize the need for lifelong learning and exhibit the skills necessary to acquire, organize, and reorganize new knowledge.
Textbook and Resource Material

Two textbooks are required for this class:

  • Tomlinson, R. 2013. Thinking about GIS: Geographic Information System Planning for Managers. Fifth Edition.

  • Phillips, J. 2010. IT Project Management: On track from start to finish. Third Edition.

  • Reference materials will be provided via website and online instructions.

    Assignments & Grading
    Writing Assignments (65)
        Software Evaluation Memo (individual) - 5
        Project Charter (individual) - 5
        Stakeholder Letter/Emails (both) - 10
        Project Charter (collaborative) - 5
        Scope Doc. & Project Mngt Plan (collaborative midterm – due March 6) - 10
        Product User’s Guide Section (individual) -5
        Product User’s Guide (collaborative) - 5
        Meeting Memos (individual) - 10
        Bias & Reflection Assessments (individual) - 5
        Challenges Assessments (individual) - 5
    Participation - includes all lab work (15)
    Project Presentation, April 25 & 27 (10)
    Project Portfolio, May 2 (10)

    Total 100

    Grading scale 

    A = 90 to 100 points   
    B = 80 to 89 points     
    C = 70 to 79 points
    D = 60 to 69 points  
    F =  < 60 points            

    W Course Requirements

    To pass this course, you must pass the W component.

    Absence and Late Work Policy

    “The University views class attendance as the responsibility of an individual student. Attendance is essential to complete the course successfully. University rules related to excused and unexcused absences are located on-line at"

    Late assignments and make-up exams will be accepted only in the case of a University Excused Absence with no penalty within a reasonable timeframe. All other work will be given a five-percentage point penalty for every day it is late, including weekends. University Excused Absences must have written verification, like a doctor’s note.

    Course Topics, Calendar of Activities, Major Assignment Dates

    Each week, you are required to read all course materials and complete any assignments on the schedule. All labs are due on Mondays by 5:00 PM of the week following the lab on eCampus.

    Other Pertinent Course Information

    All assignments must be turned in to pass the class. You will need to download Socrative to your cell phones or mobile devices to complete the weekly reading quizzes. Questions submitted to Dr. Lawing or Dr. Struminger will be answered as promptly as possible. We reserve the right to make changes to the syllabus as needed.  

    Online Class Schedule


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    Honor Code
    “An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.” (