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3068 Allen Building
Department of Economics
Texas A&M University, 4228 TAMU
College Station, TX  77843
(979) 845-7392

Alexander L. Brown
Associate Professor
Department of Economics
Texas A&M University

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests
  • Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Game Theory.
Teaching Interests
  • Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory, Behavioral Finance, Experimental Economics.
Journal Publications Other Publications
  • Brown, Alexander L. and Daniel G. Stephenson. "Experiments in Continuous Time." Handbook of Experimental Game Theory. C. M. Capra, R Croson, T Rosenblatt, and M.A. Rigdon (eds.), forthcoming.
    (request copy)

  • Brown, Alexander L. "Asymmetric Information." The New Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management. D. J. Teece and M. Augier (eds.), 2015.
    (encyclopedia version) (final version)

  • Brown, Alexander L. "Investigating Psychology-Influenced Models in Lab, Field and Theory," PhD Dissertation, California Institute of Technology, 2008.
    (final version)
Working Papers Research in Progress
  • Bacine, Noah, Samuel Bondurant, and Alexander L. Brown. "Group Affiliation in Micro-Finance Loans."
  • Brown, Alexander L. "Endogenous Time Preferences and Personal Rules."
  • Brown, Alexander L. "Myopic Loss Aversion in Experimental Earnings Reports."
  • Brown, Alexander L. and Colin F. Camerer. "A Broad Look at Loss Aversion."
  • Brown, Alexander L. and Gary Charness. "Attribution to Prominence: An Experimental Investigation."
  • Brown, Alexander L., Catherine C. Eckel and Steven N. Wiggins. "Information Structure and Oil Field Unitization: Why Does Bargaining Fail?"
  • Brown, Alexander L. and Daniel Fragiadakis. "Can Individuals Recognize Selected Information When They Satisfice? An Experimental Investigation."
  • Brown, Alexander L. and Jose Castillo Garcia. "Can Experimental Economics Predict Credit Card Consumption and Default? Evidence from Ecuador."
  • Brown, Alexander L., Ernan Haruvy, and Tim Salmon. "Social Norms with Public Goods."
  • Brown, Alexander L. and Rodrigo A. Velez. "Bias and optimality of alpha-auctions."
  • Kovaliukaite, Ada and Alexander L. Brown. "Biased Norm Inference in Networks of Socially Complementary Behaviors."
  • Rodrigo A. Velez and Alexander L. Brown. "Empirical Mechanism Design."
Courses Taught
  • Graduate

  • Undergraduate
    • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 202)
    • Economics of Decision-Making and Strategy (ECON 449)
Graduate Students Advised (or Co-advised)