Avinash Paliwal

I am a PhD Student in the Computer Science and Engineering department at Texas A&M University, advised by Dr. Nima Kalantari in the Aggie Graphics Group. My primary research interests are in Computational Photography, Computer Vision and Deep Learning. My current research work is focused on video enhancement techniques like frame interpolation and denoising.

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Multi-Stage Raw Video Denoising with Adversarial Loss and Gradient Mask
Avinash Paliwal, Libing Zeng, Nima Kalantari
arXiv, 2021
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Temporally consistent adversarial raw video denoising.

Deep Slow Motion Video Reconstruction with Hybrid Imaging System
Avinash Paliwal, Nima Kalantari
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), 2020
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Generating Full HD (1080p) slow motion videos using dual cameras.

CSCE 441: Computer Graphics, Fall 2020
Graduate Teaching Assistant
CSCE 489/689: Computational Photography, Spring 2020
Graduate Teaching Assistant

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