PhD Students

Orsan Kilicer
Angelique Morvant

Research Specialist

Matthew Hielsberg

Visiting Assistant Professors

Diane Guignard

PhD Students

Peng Wei

Numerical approximation of the Electroconvection

Numerical approximation of surface quas-geostrophic flow

Wenyu Lei

Numerical approximation of the solution to the integral laplacian problem on a sphere with unitary right hand side using the representation $$\int_{\mathbb R^d} \int_{\mathbb R^d} \frac{(u(x)-u(y))(v(x)-v(y))}{|x-y|^{d+2s}} = \frac{2\sin(\pi s)}{\pi} \int_0^\infty t^{2(1-s)}(-\Delta(I-t^2\Delta)^{-1} u,v)_{L_2(\Omega)} \frac{dt}{t}$$

Spencer Patty

Biomembrane with an area and volume of an 5x5x1 ellipsoid (left), 7x7x1 ellipsoid (center) and 8x1x1 ellipsoid (right)

Sanghyun Lee

Numerical Simulation of the Kaye effect

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students enrolled in our program are welcome to contact me to participate on current reasearch projects.

Graduate Students

Graduate students already enrolled in our graduate program and interested in the theoretical and/or computational aspects of

  • Learning the solution to PDEs with incomplete data

  • or

  • Numerical Simulation of thin-structures

should contact me directly.

To be well prepared for research you should consider the following recommendation on the classes to take

  • Qualifying Exam

    Applied Math / Numerical Analysis and Real Analysis

  • Breadth Requirement Courses

    Differential Geometry, Graph Theory or Combinatoric

  • Other Recommended Classes

    Any special topic class in numerical analysis, approximation theory or PDEs, MTH661, MTH 676, MTH611, MTH 612.