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Me and my brother fishing

A little about me:
Howdy! I am in my second year as a Computer Science major. I am also obtaining a minor in both Business Administration and Cybersecurity. But more importantly, I am the loudest and proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2019! "Ay! Ay! Ay! Whoop!!!" I love family and friends, but I'm slightly shy at first. Wether I am fishing, disc golfing, walking or reading in a hammock, my favorite place to be is outside! I am a follower of Jesus, and this is my biggest motivation for loving people. I am blessed to have an awesome job with a local engineering company called Sevun Scientific, Inc.. I have been working as a programmer there since August of 2017 and I have helped design and build the Android and soon-to-be iOS application GeoPhoto+! Feel free to check it out on the Play store!

Why I enrolled in CSCE 445 Computers and New Media:
Honestly, the most prominent reason I am enrolled in CSCE 445 is because my initial choice course (Advanced Computer Architecture) was cancelled due to low enrollment. But that does not mean that I am not interested in the course, because I am. I love sociology. I love learning about people and how they think and the ways they are influenced by society at large. Computers and New Media is exactly that! In this class I get to learn how my field of study has affected people's lives over the past century and how its impacts on the modern world will continue to change and grow! The "My Media" page contains information about some of the different forms of media that I find myself using most often.