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Geography Faculty and Graduate Student Newsletter (April 2017)

This month, many of the members of the TAMU Geography Department attended the AAG Annual Meeting in Boston. The AAG meeting provides an opportunity to catch up on the latest in geography research and to reconnect with old friends, colleagues and students. Personally, this was a great time for me to see all but one of my current and former doctoral students in one place. I only wish that I had had the forethought to snap a picture when everyone was together! I also had the chance to catch up with students from many different branches of the discipline that have ties to TAMU. It was a great week of catching up!

Grants Funded

Loisel, J., Walenta, J., and Goldberg, D.The value of Magallanes peatlands on the carbon market. Funded by the National Geographic Society – Committee for Research and Exploration. $21,820.

Proposals Submitted

Hurtado, J., and Bishop, M.P. Precision Navigation for Challenging Operational Environments. Sandia National Laboratories. $145,000.

Bishop, M.P., and Sericano, J. The Synthesis Consortium: Analytical innovation to connect and extend GoMRI Legacy products. Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative. $450,095.00.

Katzgraber, H., Valasek, J., and Bishop, M.P. Big Data from aerial-based and in situ observations as a key driver to expand the knowledge of the Chihuahuan Desert and agro-ecosystems in Texas. NSF. $1,500,000.

Uribe, F., Carillo, G., Jepson, W.E., and Moran, J. Health outcomes of water insecurity in urban Mexico: A Pilot Study. TAMU-CONACYT, $25,000.

Jepson, W.E., Budds, J., Zwaverteen, M. and Empinotti, V. START-UP: Sustainable Transitions Anticipating Water Reuse/Desalination Technologies for Urban Possibilities. Belmont Forum, 1,000,500 Euros.

Papers Accepted

Zhao, N., G. Cao, J. K. Vanos, and D. J. Vecellio, 2017: The effects of synoptic weather on influenza infection incidences: a retrospective study utilizing digital disease surveillance. Int. J. Biometeorol., in press, doi:10.1007/s00484-017-1306-4.

Papers Published

Goldberg, D.W.2017. Geocoding. The International Encyclopedia of Geography. 1-12.

Johnson, J.S., Gaddis, K.D., Cairns, D.M., Konganti, K., and Krutovsky, K.V. 2017. Landscape genomic insights into the historic migration of mountain hemlock in response to Holocene climate change. American Journal of Botany 104:1-12.

Papers Submitted

Allen, M., J.K. Vanos, D.M. Hondula, D.J. Vecellio, D. Knight, H. Mehdipoor, R. Lucas, C. Fuhrmann, H. Lokys, A. Lees, S.T. Nascimento, A. Leung and D. Perkins. Prospects for Addressing Sustainability Goals through Biometeorology Education. Int. J. Biometeorology


Jeremy Johnson attended the AAG in Boston, MA where he helped chair the Vegetation Dynamics Session (April 5 - 9).

Jayme Walenta presented her research at the AAG in Boston, MA (April 4 - 7).

Michael Bishop presented his research at the AAG in Boston, MA (April 4 - 10).

Erik Prout presented his research at the AAG in Boston, MA (April 3 - 9).

Wendy Jepson was in Costa Rica in support of a service learning project (April 1 - 9).

Dan Goldberg attended the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) meeting in support of our on-line professional GIS program. The meeting was in Houston April 3-4.

Kathleen O'Reilly attended the AAG in Boston, MA (April 4-8).

Thor Ritz attended the AAG in Boston, MA (April 6-9).

Andrew Klein attended the AAG in Boston, MA (April 6-8).

Tony Filippi attended the AAG in Boston, MA (April 6-9).

Andrew Klein is attending the ESRI Petroleum User Group meeting in Houston (April 11-13) in support of our on-line professional GIS program.

Kathleen O'Reilly is an invited speaker at the University of Iowa's Provost's Global Forum in Iowa City, IA (April 11-16).

Charles Lafon attended the AAG in Boston, MA (April 5-8).

John Lauermann attended the AAG in Boston, MA (April 4-10).

David Cairns attended the AAG in Boston, MA (April 5-10).

David Cairns attended ARCUSFest in Anchorage, Alaska as a member of the board of directors of the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (March 26-29).

David Cairns attended the North Slope Science Initiative's meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska as a member of the NSSI Science and Technology Advisory Panel (March 19-22).

Oliver Frauenfeld spent spring break in Costa Rica with a GEOS 405 class (March 11-19).

Dan Goldbergwas at the ESRI Developer Summit in Palm Springs, CA (March 6-11).

Faculty Activities

Wendy Jepson accompanied 15 students and Judy Nunez on a week service learning project in Costa Rica (1 April - 9 April). Students met with local water governance institutions (ASADAS), participated in local community activities, visited water infrastructure systems, and provided some service to the ASADAS.

Graduate Student News

Tom Loder won the best student paper award from the Economic Geography Specialty Group of the AAG. Congratulations, Tom!

Patrick Barrineau won the Psuty Award from the Coastal and Marine Specialty Group at the AAG meeting in Boston. Congratulations, Patrick!

Carl Green took second place in the Coastal and Marine Specialty Group's illustrated poster competition. Congratulations, Carl!


That's it for this month! Please keep sending in items of interest for May!