Political Psychology, Voting Behavior and Public Opinion


The majority of my research centers on mass politics, particularly the psychology of political behavior.


Published Papers:

Danette Brickman and David A. M. Peterson. 2006. Public Opinion Reaction to Repeated Events: Citizen Response to Multiple Supreme Court Abortion Decisions. Political Behavior 28(1): 87-112.

David A. M. Peterson. 2005. Heterogeneity and Certainty in Candidate Evaluations. Political Behavior. 27(1): 1-24.

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Joanne Miller and David A. M. Peterson. 2004. Theoretical and Empirical Implications of Attitude Strength. Journal of Politics. 66(3): 847-867.

Working Papers:

David A. M. Peterson. Campaign Learning and Vote Determinants.

Sean Nicholson-Crotty, David A. M. Peterson, and Mark Ramirez. Dynamic Representations: Policy Response to the Multiple Dimensions of Public Mood.

David A. M. Peterson. Uncovering the Psychological Mechanism: How Campaigns Matter and Why.

Paul M. Kellstedt, David A.M. Peterson, and Mark Ramirez. Policy Mood and the Gender Gap.

Christina Suthammanont, David A. M. Peterson, Chris T. Owens and Jan E. Leighley. Cognition, Affect and the Conditional Nature of Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action.