David L. Carlson
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77840

Sunset at Tikal
Anthropology Bldg 226
Curriculum Vitae
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My research interests include the application of quantitative methods to archaeological questions. While I do not focus on a particular time period, I have worked more with data from hunting and gathering sites than complex ancient societies or historic sites. I am the co-author of Clovis Lithic Technology, a book analyzing an area at the Gault site, a Clovis camp in central Texas that explores a number of ways of using quantitative methods to analyze the data.  In other research I am looking at the distribution of historic sites at Fort Hood, TX and I am collaborating on the analysis of fishing practices in Dominica. My book, Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Using R in the Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology series will be available this summer. A free package of data sets, archdata, used in the book is available for download through CRAN.

My teaching ranges from introductory courses in general anthropology and archaeology to upper division anthropology courses on the archaeology of North America and of ancient civilizations to graduate courses in archaeological method and theory and the quantitative analysis of anthropological data.

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