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Anthony Wayne Shipwreck Survey

Research Interests Archaeological Experience Museum & Related Research Papers, Posters & Presentations Membership & Conferences

Research Interests My research interests include underwater archaeology, historical archaeology, Great Lakes maritime history, wooden ship building, early American steamboats, artifact conservation, and museum studies. I am particularly interested in questions pertaining to 19th century steamboat construction and navigation on the Great Lakes, as well as archaeological remains of such vessels.
Archaeological Experience

Scientific diver assisting with the excavation of the Heroine, an early-19th century Western River steamboat on the Red River, OK (Director Kevin Crisman, Texas A&M University). 2008

Project director for the Anthony Wayne Shipwreck Survey, Lake Erie, OH (Texas A&M University). 2008

Scientific diver assisting with an underwater survey of the mid-19th century schooner Ivanhoe, Lake Erie, OH (Director Jack Papes, Maritime Archaeological Survey Team). 2008

Scientific diver assisting on the Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape survey, Carleton Island, NY (Director Ben Ford, Texas A&M University). 2008

Archaeological field technician for Public Service Archaeology Program, assisting on various terrestrial surveys and excavations in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas (University of Illinois). 2007

Scientific diver assisting in the documentation of an early 20th century steamer in northern Lake Huron, MI (Director Mike Spears). 2006, 2005

Head research assistant on a project investigating historic Michigan lighthouses (Director Margaret Wilson, University of Michigan). 2006

Scientific diver on an underwater survey of East Tawas Bay, MI (Director John O'Shea, University of Michigan). 2005

Archaeological field technician on various survey projects with the Michigan Archaeological Society (Director Ann Zinn). 2005

Conducted survey and excavation on various cultural resource management projects in Michigan (University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology, Great Lake's Range). 2005, 2004

Participated in excavations at the Swantek Site- 25PT111, Genoa, NE (Director Dan Pugh, University of Michigan). 2004

Attended University of Michigan Field school, including excavations at the 1852 Grand Traverse Lighthouse- 20LU127, and the late Woodlands sites at Cut River Mounds- 20RO1 and Missaukee Earthworks- 20MA11/12 (Directors John O'Shea and Meghan Howey). 2004

Museum & Related Research

Graduate Assistant Researcher, New World Lab, Department of Anthropology, Texas A&M University, 2008 - present

Responsible for preliminary and final drawings of various conserved artifacts from the Western River steamboat Heroine. Also assisted in maintaining the electronic catalog for these artifacts, photographic documentation, and collection management for the New World Lab.

Curatorial Assistant, Illinois Transportation Archaeological Research Program, 2006 - 2007

Worked on a project to re-house and re-catalog a substantial portion of an archaeological accession received from Kampsville, IL. In addition, was also responsible for artifact identification and subsequent categorization, as well as environmental and pest monitoring of both on and off site facilities.

Collections Assistant, University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology, 2004 - 2006

Conducted digitization and metadata capture for the museum's collection of 30,000 35mm slides. In addition to digitizing/color optimization, also responsible for data entry, object categorization, and tracking copyright and citation information.

Research Assistant, University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology, 2006

Conducted archival research in the United States National Archives for an ongoing investigation into Michigan lighthouses during the mid-19th century.

Papers, Posters, & Presentations

"The Remains of the Anthony Wayne: Exploring a Mid-19th Century Great Lakes Steamer," by Bradley Krueger. Paper presented to the Society for Historical Archaeology annual conference, January 2009.

"Exploring the Anthony Wayne: The History and Archaeology of a Mid-19th Century Side-wheel Steamer," by Bradley Krueger. Keynote speech presented to the Association for Great Lakes Maritime History annual conference, September 2008.

"Digitizing the University of Michigan's Slide Collection," by Patrick Livingood, Karen O'Brien, Bradley Krueger, and Margaret Prest. Poster presented to the Society for American Archaeology annual conference, April 2006.

Memberships & Conferences

Institute for Nautical Archaeology - research associate, 2009

Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Conference - presenter/attendant, January 2009

Association for Great Lakes maritime History Annual Conference - keynote speaker/attendant, September 2008.

Society for Historical Archaeology - member, Summer 2008 - present.

Great Lakes Historical Society- member, Spring 2008 -present.

Maritime Archaeological Survey Team- honorary member, Summer 2008 - present.

First Annual Anthropology Graduate Student Conference at Texas A&M University - attendant, Spring 2008.

Traditions and Transition: Yassi Ada Symposium- attendant, Fall 2007.

Midwest Archaeological Conference- volunteer/attendant, October 2006.

Society for American Archaeology Annual Conference- presenter/attendant, April 2006.

Michigan Archaeological Society- volunteer, 2005.