WFSC 404 Aquatic Ecology 

Ecological aspects of lakes, rivers, estuaries and open bay systems are covered in this class, where factors impacting ecosystem health and fisheries are emphasized.  These include harmful algal blooms, reduced water inflows, eutrophication and hypoxia formation as they affect foodwebs and recruitment of commercially and recreationally important fisheries.  As yes, be prepared to take the wheel because you’ll be driving the boat!


WFSC 449 Professional Aspects of Aquatic Ecology 

Aspects of the aquatic ecology profession are the subject of this class, which involve proposal and presentation of scientific ideas, expectations of the job market, and how to prepare and compete for jobs within the profession.  Be prepared to meet with state and federal agency recruiters, owners and CEOs of lake management companies, and other working professionals.

WFSC 611 Estuarine Ecology

This field-based class for graduate students is guided by the curiosity of the students.   This class involves a week-long trip to the Oregon coast, and into the wild.  Students have to hike quite a bit through rough terrain, and scurry over boulders.  It is definitely not for the timid.  But the wildlife and spectacular ecosystems encountered are worth it!

* Approval by instructor required