Danila Serra

Associate Professor of Economics

Texas A&M University


A collection of useful resources:

·      American Economic Association Code of Ethical Conduct

·      American Economic Association Policy on Harassment and Discrimination

·      American Economic Association Best Practices for Economists

·      Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession (CSMGEP):

o   Mentoring Program

o   Summer Program for undergraduate students

o   Links and newsletters

·      Committee on the Status of LGTBQ+ Individuals in the Economics Profession

o   Virtual Seminar Series

·      American Society of Hispanic Economists

·      Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP)

o   CeMENT mentoring workshops

o   CSWEP Fireside Chats with Journal Editors

§  Side note: Oyebola Okunogbe and I interviewed the editor of AEJ:Applied Ben Olken in April 2021.

·       The CEPR eBook on Women and Economics edited by Shelly Lundberg

o   Catherine Porter and I wrote a chapter titled “Female role models inspire women to major in male-dominated fields”

·      Econmentoring: The Association for Mentoring and Inclusion in Economics (AIME), funded by Priya Mukherjee and Nishith Prakash, targets Ph.D. students in economics/public policy/applied economics/agricultural economics. 

·      Adopt a Paper – A streamlined mentoring program centered around advice on a research paper

o   Elira Kuka and I launched Adopt a Paper in Fall 2020 and aim to repeat the program in Fall 2021 (and hopefully more years). In the first round, we matched 123 papers written by junior scholars (assistant professors) with top senior scholars working on the same topic/field.



Useful resources for students studying or interested in economics (and their professors):

·      Webinar on helping faculty help students get into PhD programs (scroll to January 2021)

o   Panelist: John List (U Chicago), James Peoples (UW Milwaukee), Nancy Rose (MIT), Dick Startz (UCSB) and myself.

·      Sadie Collective

·      The Undergraduate Women in Economics (UWE) Challenge

·      Mentoring Workshop for female PhD students in economics – coming soon.

·      Texas A&M and ASHE “Hispanic Pre-doctoral Economics Pipeline Conference”

·      Texas A&M Economics Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

o   I am currently the director of EUROP. Here is a short VIDEO about EUROP.