Bhaskar Dutta, B.Sc.(Presidency College), M.Sc. (Calcutta University), Ph.D. (Oklahoma State University)

Director and Professor, Mitchell-Heep Chair in High Energy Physics

George P. and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Texas A&M University

College Station, TX, 77843-4242



Office: MIST 424

Telephone: (979)-845-5359

Fax: (979)-845-2590


Research Group: High Energy Physics

Research Interests:

My current theoretical particle physics research directions include neutrinos, dark matter, direct and indirect detection of dark matter, CP violation, origin of fermion masses and mixings, grand unified theory models, rare decays, collider physics etc.

Research Publications:

List of Publications (from the SLAC-SPIRES database)  


 Curriculum Vita


Supported by Department of Energy (2007-2010, 2010-2013, 2013-2017, 2017-2020, 2020-2023)


American Physical Society Fellow, 2020,

Distinguished Alumni Award, Oklahoma State University, 2017,

2012 Association of Former Students College-Level Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching,

Selected by the Partnership Group for Science and Engieering (PAGSE) to be a delegate to 2004 symposium ``Leaders of Tomorrow" held at the Parliament in Ottawa, Canada


Electromagnetic Theory-II (Phys 611)

Quantum Field theory I (Phys 634)

GR and Cosmology (Phys 644/Astro 604)

Quantum Field theory II (Phys 638)

Weak Scale Supersymmetry (Phys 689)

Introduction to Particle Physics (Phys 627)

Methods of Theoretical Physics (Phys 615)

Electricity and Magnetism (Phys 208)

Graduate Quantum Mechanics (Phys. 601)

Mathematical Methods (Phys. 331 and Phys 332)

Introduction to General Relativity (Phys. 430)

Advanced Classical Mechanics (Phys. 411)


Post Doctoral Fellow Supervision: Yukihiro Mimura (2005-2009); James Dent (2005-2006), Kuver Sinha (2010-2013), Yu Gao (2013-2016), Peisi Huang (2016-2017), Mohammad Abdulla (2017-2020), Doojin Kim (2020-)

Doctoral Supervision : Shu Liao(graduated 2020), Steven Clark (graduated 2019), Esteban Jimenez (graduated 2018), Sean Wu (graduated 2017), Tathagata Ghosh (graduated 2016) Kechen Wang (graduated 2014) Sean Downes (graduated 2013), Sheldon Campbel (graduated, 2012), Abram Krislock (graduated, 2011)

Current students: Adrian Thompson, Sumit Ghosh, Ankur Verma, Wei-Chih Huang

Undergraduate Supervision: Paul Simeon (Goldwater Scholar, 2009), Phuongmai Truong (2010), Daniel Freeman (Best Thesis award, 2012), Chris Akers

Conference organized:

Organized and Co-chaired SUSY 2019-TAMU;

Organized neutrino, Collider and Dark Matter Workshops 2013-2019 TAMU;

Coherent Neutrino Scattering Experiment Workshop, Texas A&M University, November 2015

Co-director of the "XVI Mexican School of Particles and Fields/BCVSPIN", organized at Collima, Mexico, 8-13 December;

Organized Interconnection between Particle physics and Cosmology(PPC) 2014, Leon, Mexico), PPC 2013, 2015(South Dakota), 2008(University of New Mexico)

Organized and chaired two week dark matter program at CETUP 2012,

South Dakota; Organized and Co-Chaired Inflation 2011, TAMU; Organized the First Interconnection between Particle physics and Cosmology(PPC) 2007, College Station, TX)


Mitchell Institute Physics Enhancement Program (2012-2020)