VIZA 613
3D Modeling and Animation

Gary Bruins (Fall 1999)

Greg Weiner (Fall 1998)

This course is and Introductory level computer animation course, focusing on fundementals of computer generated animation. The course will have two parts: shape modeling and animation. In shape modeling and 3D character development part, the students learn the shape modeling concepts and develop skills for modeling 3D shapes. The subjects will include body postures, proportions, primitive shapes, polygons. free form surfaces. soft objects free form deformations. In animation part, the students learn the principles of animation and develop skills for animating 3D models. The subjects will include timing, weight, squash and strech, anticipation, follow through and overlapping action, staging, arcs, secondary action, exaggeration, facial expressions cycles, inverse and forward kinematics.

Julie Garcia (Fall 2001)