VIZA 654 / CSCE 646 : Digital Image
Fall 2021

Project 03: Group Project First Review: Nov. 14
Submissions Due: Dec. 12

Problem Description:

The goal of this project is to create a more complete system. For this project, be sure to talk to instructor and get approval.

Summary of minimum requirements:

Form your group. Write a short description about what is to be done based on your talk with instructor. Each member also need to describe their responsibilities. Complete the system based on the description.

For the key application of the project, implement your operations only using the basic programming operations such as while or for loops and basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and power. In other words, no high level operation provided by some programming languages such as HSV to RGB conversion or draing lines is allowed. On the other hand, these operations are not the key part of the project, you can use high level operations to provide nicer interface for the application.

Project Submission:

Write the program in any programming language such as Processing or Java or C or C++. You can also use WebGL and Javascript, or other shading languages. Upload your program and all essential files to google drive as a "as small as possible" zip directory. Also make sure to provide information that and instructions on how to run it by including a README file. Create a video showing how to use the code. Upload images produced by your code to class project website. The code will give you 8 points, the video and images, each will give you 4 points. The total is 16 points.