VIZA 665 : Digital Compositing
Spring 2015
Project 01: Compositing a Drawing into an Image First Review: Jan. 26
Submissions Due: Feb. 18
Goal: To learn basics of digital compositing and image based lighting (IBL).
Synopsis: The first project is intended for you to get familiar with the fundamental concepts behind digital compositing and IBL such as identification of camera parameters, shape reconstruction, identification of light positions and intenticties. You will consider an artificial object(s) and create a seamless composite of this artificial object(s) with an image of your choice (which I will call "original" image). To be composited images can be handdrawn or CG.

Your grade will be computed as (1/2)^n where n is the number of the items you missed from the following list:
  • Target date
  • Progress
  • Matching local camera position and orientation
  • Consistent matching of artificial object with the lights and objects in the original image
    (each subject counted one and they depend on the problem.)
    • For diffuse parts of artificial object
      • Shading
      • Colors
      • Ambient illumination
      • Contact shadows
    • Specular/glossy parts of artificial object
      • Specular reflection of light
      • Reflection of environment
    • Transparent/translucent parts of artificial object
      • Refraction of light
      • Refraction of environment
    • Shadow of artificial object
      • Shadow colors
      • Shadow shape
    • Reflection of artificial object
      • Shape of reflection
      • Shading of reflection
      • Colors of reflected object
      • Ambient illumination of reflected object
      • Contact shadows
    • Refraction of artificial object
      • Shape of refraction
      • Shading of refraction
      • Noise on refraction
      • Ambient illumination on refracted object
      • Refraction of contact shadows
      • Inclusion of opaque regions
  • Additional effects to be considered
    • Scatttering
    • Subsurface scattering
    • Consistent noise with original
    • Halo avoidance