Daylight Scene with Diffuse Objects
  • Location: Loading dock behind the Meteorology Building at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.
  • Time and Weather: 10:45 AM, January 16th, 2003. Windy but clear day.
  • Lighting: Sunlight only.
  • Environment: Bluish rotten wood box/Concrete floor and wall.
  • Distance b/w Camera and Plate(center): 71"
  • Diagonal distance b/w Camera and Plate(center): 76"
  • Plate Height from Ground: 20.25".
  • Camera Height from Ground: 51.5".
  • Camera Angle: about 20 degree tilted down.
  • Film size(LCD screen): W 1.5" x H 1.125".
  • Zoom size: unknown (Canon digital still camera).
  • Plate size: 22" x 22" (INSIDE the blue border).
  • Height of the pink wood bar: 3".
  • All images (unless otherwise specified) are photographed with a digital camera at F8.0 and 1/640 sec.


Gazing Ball (rad = 5"; 2.5" above the plate)


Material samples for color

Tape measure = 52.0" (1/1000 sec)

Material sample for shadow
The following images show that several pictures with different shutter speeds
are neccessary in order to get an useful image.
(In this case, the shutter speed suggested by our camera was 400, but 640 was chosen.)

Shutter speed: 320

Shutter speed: 1000

Additional Information

Diagram for wood box.

Wood Box with background shader.

Background Shader.