Daylight Scene with Diffuse Objects
  • Location: Loading dock behind the Meteorology Building at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.
  • Time and Weather: 11:24 AM, January 16th, 2003. Windy but clear day.
  • Lighting: Sunlight only.
  • Environment: Gray brick/Concrete floor/Wood structure.
  • Distance b/w Camera and Plate(center): 66".
  • Diagonal distance b/w Camera and Plate(center): 72".
  • Plate Height from Ground: ground.
  • Camera Height from Ground: 36.5".
  • Camera Angle: about 23 degree tilted down.
  • Film size(LCD screen): W 1.5" x H 1.125".
  • Zoom size: unknown (Canon digital still camera).
  • Plate size: 22" x 22" (INSIDE the blue border).
  • Height of the pink wood bar: 3".
  • All images (unless otherwise specified) are photographed with a digital camera at F8.0 and 1/500 sec.


Gazing Ball


Material samples for color

Tape measure = 35.5"

Material sample for shadow

Additional Information

Diagram for brick.

Camera matching.

Brick with background shader.