Scene with a Glass Bottle
Specification: Composite a CG charater(s) and its refraction(s) into one of the background photographs. Use the recursive improvement method that we covered in the class for color correction based on the reference photographs.
Field Record
  • Location: Dining Room, Resident House, College Station, TX.
  • Time and Weather: 3:30 PM, March 05, 2003. Indoor/Overcast.
  • Lighting: A tungsten light with overcast sun lights from windows.
  • Environment: White sheet on a dining table.
  • Distance b/w Camera and Plate(center): 34".
  • Diagonal Distance b/w Camera and Plate(center): 41" (focal length).
  • Plate Height from Ground: 31.15".
  • Camera Height from Ground: 56.5".
  • Camera Angle: about 34 degree tilted down.
  • Film size(LCD screen): W 1.5" x H 1.125".
  • Zoom size: unknown (Canon digital still camera).
  • Plate size: 22" x 22" (INSIDE the blue border).
  • Height of the pink wood bar: 3".
  • All images (unless otherwise specified) are photographed with a digital camera at F5.6 and 1/50 sec.

Surface Mask for Bottle (*different exposure)

Background Scene 4 with Bottle

Transparency comparison of new cup with old one.

Dimensions of the bottle


Gazing Ball
(Radius = 5" ; its center is moved 6" toward the camera)

Color Samples 1

Color Samples 2

Tape Measure = 19.80" (*different exposure)