The Publication of the international Society of Arts, Mathematics and Architecture; SUMMER 2017
Proceedings of SMI'2017 Fabrication and Sculpting Event (FASE)
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Links to Individual Papers
  • link: Preface by Ergun Akleman, Jakob Andreas Bśrentzen and Konrad Polthier, .
  • link: Reconfigurable Kinetic Polygons: An Approach to Designing 2D Kinetic Tessellations by Negar Kalantar and Alireza Borhani
  • link: 3D Modelling Seashells by Francesco De Comite
  • link: Fabricating Functionally Graded Material Objects Using Trimmed Trivariate Volumetric Representations by Ben Ezair, Daniel Dekovsky, and Gershon Elber
  • link: Transformative Formworks: Towards Mass Customization of Double-Curved Surfaces by Alireza Borhani, and Negar Kalantar
  • link: Toolpath Planning for Continuous Extrusion Additive Manufacturing by ChloŽ Fleming, Stephanie Walker, Callie Branyan, Austin Nicolai, Geoffrey Hollinger, and Yigit MengŁÁ