Construction of Planar and Symmetric Truss Structures with Interlocking Edge Elements
Anantha Natarajan, Jiaqi Cui, Ergun Akleman, Vinayak Krishnamurthy

Hyperseeing: Proceedings of Fabrication and Sculpting Event 2021
Pages 57–64
Short Papers


In this short paper, we present an algorithmic approach to design and construct planar truss structures based on symmetric lattices using modular elements. The method of assembly is similar to Leonardo grids as they both rely on the property of interlocking. In theory, our modular elements can be assembled by the same type of binary operations. Our modular elements embody the principle of geometric interlocking, a principle recently introduced in literature that allows for pieces of an assembly to be interlocked in a way that they can neither be assembled nor disassembled unless the pieces are subjected to deformation or breakage. We demonstrate that breaking the pieces can indeed facilitate the effective assembly of these pieces through the use of a simple key-in-hole concept. As a result, these modular elements can be assembled together to form an interlocking structure, in which the locking pieces apply the force necessary to hold the entire assembly together.