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Artistic depiction categorizes all my art related work that does not fit any category. This category includes my non-photo-realistic rendering (NPR) related works such as 3D Chinese painting, implicit painting, cubist rendering or video screening. However, I do not call this subcategory as non-photo-realistic rendering since it also includes finding new conceptual sculptural forms such as 3D caricatures.

Under this category, there are a wide variety of topics such as inverted perspective, interactive pictorial maps and caricaturing buildings and particularly my new research direction: Visual Storytelling.

I think that Visual storytelling is an area that is widely neglected by researchers. One can find a wide variety of literature on telling or writing stories in any library; but we do not see such a variety in visual storytelling. The practitioners such as cartoonists, comic book artists and storyboard artists learn the tools of the trade from each other or from existing works.

As a cartoonist, I think that comics and cartoons provides a strong model to start storytelling process visually. It is important to identify and formalize the experience and discoveries of cartoonists and comic book artists; and to disseminate these findings. I also think that caricature is also a part of visual storytelling since it encapsulate several artistic concepts such as exaggeration, abstraction and simplification, which are essential for visual storytelling.