Topological Mesh Modeling
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TopMod is a manifold mesh modeling system that includes all the work presented in our Topological Mesh Modeling papers. Using TopMod, you can find a wide variety of ways to create high genus shapes; almost all subdivision algorithms, wide variety of ways to remesh shapes, new extrusions and more. TopMod reads and writes .obj files. Therefore, it is compatible with Maya and other software that accept obj files. The figures here show 3D shapes modelled with TopMod and printed with a rapid prototyping machine.

TopMod is based on a new paradigm that allows dynamically changing the topology of 2-manifold polygonal meshes. The new paradigm always guarantees topological consistency of polygonal meshes. Based on our paradigm, by simply adding and deleting edges,handles can be created and deleted, holes can be opened or closed, polygonal meshes can be connected or disconnected. These edge insertion and edge deletion operations are highly consistent with subdivision algorithms. In particular, these operations can easily be included into a subdivision modeling system such that the topological changes and subdivision operations can be performed alternatively during model construction. TopMod demonstrates practical examples of topology changes based on this new paradigm and show that the new paradigm is convenient, effective, efficient, and friendly to subdivision surfaces.

TopMod has been used and tested by Visualization Science students extensively since 2000. We have released TopMod 1.0 as a free software for non-commercial applications since October 2005. TopMod 2.0 is completed in 2008. You can donwlad both from the links below. We are also grateful to all Visualization Sciences and Computer Science graduate students who added modules to TopMod. We are also thankful to students who used TopMod in their projects and give us input. We are also very thankful to Shape Modeling community and designes who use our software. Without the collective support and motivation from the community, TopMod would have not been successful.

This work partially supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. NSF-CCF-0917288.

TopMod 2.0

To download latest version of TopMod 2.0 and code, go to

To download Windows version of TopMod2.5, follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Windows Version:

  • Click here to download TopMod2.5.
  • It is a zipped directory.
  • Copy it to anywhere and unzip the directory
  • Click topmod2.5.exe and it will just work.
TopMod 2.0 Contributors:
  • Concept development: Ergun Akleman and Dave Morris
  • User Interface Design: Dave Morris
  • Pyton developer: Stuart Tett
  • Other contributors: TopMod 1.0 contributors see below since TopMod 2.0 is build over TopMod 1.0 kernel and operators .

Please note that we do not currently have resources to support original TopMod 2.0 website page that provided discussions, galleries and forums.

TopMod 1.0

To download earliest Windows version of TopMod (TopMod 1.0), follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Windows Version:

  • Click here to download TopMod.
  • It is a zipped directory.
  • Copy it to anywhere and unzip the directory
  • Click topmod.exe and it will just work.
Additional information:
  • It reads and writes obj files. Examples of obj files are available in the directories called OBJ1, OBJ2, and REGULAR.
  • If you have any question, you can check instructional videos that shows how to use the system.
  • For more detailed information, you can download the papers .
  • For TopMod 1.0 README and HOT-KEYS click here.
TopMod 1.0 Contributors:
  • Concept development: Ergun Akleman
  • Theoretical Framework: Ergun Akleman & Jianer Chen
  • Implementation and code development: Vinod Srinivasan
  • User Interface Design: Michael Stanley
  • Key contributors: Eric Landreneau, Esan Mandal
  • Other contributors: Zeki Melek, Paul Edmundson, Fusun Eryoldas, Cansin Evrenosoglu, Xu Bei


Each link will take you an html file that provide easy access to several flash videos. These screen-captured voice-over videos show you how to create models using TopMod.

  1. Introduction provides basic information about TopMod 1.0. It teaches the effects of insert and delete edge operations.
  2. VertexAngle provides information about intriguing relation between geometry and mesh topology and its effects on subdivision modeling.
  3. Symmetric shows how to create high genus symmetric shapes using TopMod 1.0.
  4. For TopMod 2.0, search instructional videos in Youtube. such as this link