Topological Mesh Modeling
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This webpage provides of images of some shapes designed by the users of TopMod. After we have released TopMod 1.0 in October 2005, many people started to use it. Several people created very interesting pieces. Among them Torolf Sauermann is exceptional. He created incredible pieces using TopMod. See his webpage Torolf Sauermann. Torolf even found a way to to Create a Brent Collins Sculpture using TopMod (see right image). For a video demonstration how to create a Brent Collins sculpture using TopMod click here.Video is also created by Torolf Sauermann using TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC). Below you see a wide variety of shapes created by him using TopMod 1.0.

After TopMod 2.0 is released in 2008, many other designers such as Jonathan Johanson from Germany, Pilou from France, Oliver Miller from Great Britain and Vladimir Alexeev from Russia created interesting and unusual sculptures we really liked. Oliver Milller's and Vladimir Alexeev designs resemble Eva Hild's sculptures. Jonathan Johanson developed methods to create generalized Bathsheba Grossman style scultures. See his deviant art website here .

There also exists many videos in youtube on how to use TopMod. See videos

Torolf Sauermann Designs

Oliver Miller Designs

Jonathan Johanson Designs

Other Examples

Vladimir Alexeev