Topological Mesh Modeling
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Weaving and Parameterization Videos

These are research videos that demonstrate some of our recent results in knot modeling, parameterization and texturing.

Each link will take you an mov. videos. You can download or directly view in browser.

  1. Plain Weaving provides a basic introduction to cyclic plain weaving. It visually demonstrate that if all edges are twisted in the same way, you can always obtain a plain weaving.
  2. Twill Weaving provides a basic introduction to cyclic twill weaving. It visually demonstrate the effect of counter clockwise and clockwise twist. Twill and plain woven objects that are obtained by twisting edges of the same manifold mesh correspond to two different immersions of the same non-orientable surface.
  3. QPC provides a basic introduction to the concept of quad-pattern coverability. It provides a variety of demonstrations of the usage of QPC meshes.
  4. The videos link1 and link2 demonstrate two duotine surfaces.
For more details on plain and twill weabing, QPC meshes and duotone surface, please check Papers &

TopMod Videos

These videos demonstrate how to use TopMod, which is a software that is developed by extending the theory of graph rotation systems. Moreover, the theory enables us to develop very efficient implementations for manifold preserving operations, which are essential for a robust interactive modeling system. Videos demonstrate some of these operations.

Each link will take you an html file that provide easy access to several flash videos. These screen-captured voice-over videos show you how to create models using TopMod.

  1. Introduction provides basic information about TopMod 1.0. It teaches the effects of insert and delete edge operations.
  2. VertexAngle provides information about intriguing relation between geometry and mesh topology and its effects on subdivision modeling.
  3. Symmetric shows how to create high genus symmetric shapes using TopMod 1.0.
  4. For TopMod 2.0, search instructional videos in Youtube. such as this link