Multimedia Skills


am able to provide training programs and instructional materials that match the learners・ or customers・ needs by selecting the more suitable media. More skills that I can use to enhance the effectiveness of the instructional design process will be introduced in this section. Please click the following links to get the further information.




everal projects that showed my website design skills are as follows:

In-Service Training in a Web-based Learning Business Environment

  1. Project description: Information delivery
  2. Skills used: Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, gif animation, FTP
  3. Product: Website link

The Accessibility in Implementing E-learning in Organizations

  1. Project description: An online survey and data collection
  2. Skills used: Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, php, SQL, FTP
  3. Product: Website link






know how to design a storyboard and use two of the most popular software, Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia, to produce instructional videos.

MyRecord, My Life in Aggieland

  1. Project description:After watching this one-minute instructional video, the prospective students of Texas A&M University will have the basic understanding about what the MyRecord system is. Four main functions of MyRecord are "AggiE-Pay," "Registration," "Grade Display," and "Application Graduation."
  2. Skills used: Adobe Premiere Pro software, storyboard, basic shooting skills (using a camcorder, a cassette, a tripod).
  3. Products: A one-minute instructional video based on its storyboard. Please click the "play" button to see the video.

Demonstration Videos for New Users of the ITS Wiki (Internship)

  1. Project description: These videos were used to demonstrate how to use Confluence wiki functions step by step for new Confluence wiki users.
  2. Skills used: Camtasia
  3. Products: Video Example


Microsoft Office



am able to use Microsoft Office to design instructional courseware and to manage documents to enhance the effectiveness of the instructional design process.

PowerPoint: The Orientation Course for New Mandarin Learners in Taiwan

  1. Project description:In this interactive and nonlinear language orientation course, the new Mandarin learners will know the life information in Taiwan, such as the shopping, the transportation, cuisine, postal affairs, and traveling (e.g., night market and scenic spots). In addition, the videos and the audios of two basic and useful dialogues were also embedded to teach learners how to use these conversations in their life.
  2. Skills used: Using the hyperlink function in Mircosoft PowerPoint, and embedding videos and audios.
  3. Product: Hypertext Instruction file. (Download Hypertext Instruction file)

Word: Desktop-Publishing / Flip Book

  1. Project description: Displaying a Word publication to be a flip book
  2. Skill used: Using Mircosoft Word functions, like formatting text, style, and so on, to edit and arrange the content and its table of content. Next, using Paint and JavaScript programming file to convert the Word document to be a dynamic flip book.
  3. Product: Flip Book

Excel: Data/Grade Management: Spread Sheet

  1. Project description:By using this spreadsheet, instructors can grade and record students' or trainees' performance and then calculate the grades easily.
  2. Skills used: Excel. Calculation (formula), search and chart functions and application in a spreadsheet utility
  3. Product: Grade Book

Access and Word: Database Developing and Merging

  1. Project description:I am able to design a database file with different fields, and then develop a word processing document which would accept the integration of the data from the database file in a meaningful way to produce a series of documents.
  2. Skills used: Word and Access


Learning Management Systems



lackboard and Moodle are two Learning Management Systems with lots in common. I experienced using these two tools by both roles of a student and an instructor.

Blackboard Vista (WebCT)

  1. Be a student: I took many on-line courses delivered by Blackboard at Texas A&M University.
  2. Be an instructor: In my Internship at Instructional Technology Services at Texas A&M University, I got an instructor・s account to experience and practice how to operate Blackboard Vista・s functions.


  1. Be a student: Department of Educational Technology has its own Moodle site to provide a platform for instructors to deliver course content, and for students to access the content and submit assignments.
  2. Be an instructor: In course projects, I had experiences to access Moodle as an instructor. Please see the example of EndNote Course in "ADDIE Model" under the section of "Instructional Design Projects."



Confluence Wiki (Internship)



he Confluence wiki system is very popular in universities and this was why Texas A&M is trying to implement the software. In my internship at Instructional Technology Services (ITS), I assisted ITS staff to develop a new Confluence wiki site. My duties were as follows:

  1. Browsed and researched existing wiki websites to gather information for reference, such as the layout, format, functions, categories, contents, etc.
  2. Worked with ITS staff to design the initial layout and organization of the wiki site.
  3. Developed and enriched content for the wiki site.
  4. Developed an :Introduction to Confluence Wiki; workshop. (Click here to see the handout for this workshop.)

During the process, I researched existing wiki websites and had a wiki presentation about the results. In addition, I have tested most of the Confluence wiki functions such as Widget Macro, Expand Macro, Search Macro, and Layout Macros. I can answer the relevant questions that asked by ITS staff. Please click this link to see the screenshots of some products that integrated many functions in my wiki space.



Programming Skills


  1. For website application: HTML and JavaScript
  2. For business application: Visual Basic (plus Access database)


Image / Animation


  1. Skills and software: Photoshop, SnagIt, Paint, Flash
  2. Products: Images and animation gif used in my websites, and screenshots revised for specific purposes.


Stage Skills



ased on my practical teaching experiences and what I learned in college and graduate schools, I am able to provide an interactive and learner-based learning environment.

Stage Performance (Course: EHRD 612)

  1. Project description: The topic of my presentation was to teach foreigners, my classmates, useful Mandarin phrases like "hello," "thank you," "I/you/he/she am/are/is K ," "very beautiful," "very handsome," and so on. By using rich eye contact, gestures, and audience engagement, my classmates could interact with each other by using these phrases in class, and use some of them after class.
  2. Product: A 10-15 minute presentation on language teaching skills with a handout including a brief introduction of this topic and the strategies used in this presentation, and some instructional materials, like pictures.

InternshipXProfessional Development: Participating in Instructional Technology Services (ITS) Workshops

  1. Workshops I attended: Podcasting, Smart board, Centra, Impatica.
  2. My reactions: A good instructor should be patient, friendly, and open-minded to accept learners' ideas in the process of training. In addition, a well-designed warm-up activity, like a self-introduction, can be a secret of success for an instructor to stimulate learners' motivation. The opportunity of practice is also necessary and important for learners to experience and absorb the training content.