Foundation Coalition Freshman Calculus, Semester 2

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May 29: During the summer (until July 25) I expect to be in my office most weekday afternoons. (One definite exception so far is June 3.) I will be happy to show you your final exam and grade printout. Phone and e-mail contacts (except to make office appointments) are discouraged.

May 17: I expect to be in my office on Monday, 5/18, in the late morning (not afternoon). Later this week I will more likely be here in the afternoons. I can give you a printout of your grades from my database.

May 4:

FINAL EXAM ANNOUNCEMENT: You may (and should) bring to the final exam the 2-sided handout titled "Testing a Series ... for Convergence or Divergence". As usual, calculators will not be allowed.

Final exam review sheet: ( DVI ) ( PS ) ( PDF )

April 24: The newest packet at Notes-N-Quotes (27 pages) contains the student-generated test key for Test 6 and the transparencies for Weeks 28 and 29 (to the extent that they existed yesterday). These transparencies cover improper integrals, sequences, and infinite series.

April 13: BY POPULAR DEMAND: Tranparency copies AND web copies are now available! (click for details)

March 27: Another set of copies (33 pages) will be on sale at Notes-n-Quotes. This contains:

March 9: A third set of copies of transparencies (25 pages), covering Weeks 22 and 23, is now on sale at Notes-n-Quotes. For the record, here is the previous announcement that was distributed by ListServ last week:

March 2: The following are available for purchase at Notes-n-Quotes:

Feb. 20: REMINDER: On the table outside my office in Blocker 620 there is a stack of old lab reports and projects. Please come and recover yours. In some cases this includes the Area of Texas lab from last semester, which you may need to refer to next week when you find the Centroid of Texas.

Feb. 17: how to earn your curve on Test 4

Feb. 5: student solutions to max-min problems

Jan. 20: temporary teams (now obsolete)

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