Mathematics 460, Section 500, Fall, 2013

Tensors and General Relativity

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Corrections to the textbook
Lecture notes (Updated through p. 12 on 30 Aug.)
Temporary home of the extra notes on the twin "paradox"
Chapter on covariant derivatives and non-Abelian gauge theories with bibliography from Aspects of Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space-Time, S. A, Fulling, Cambridge U. P., 1989.

Electromagnetism paper ._._. Here's the TeX file, in case you want to import some of the questions into your own document. It is in Plain TeX and uses the vanilla macros. (LaTeX users will need to make some changes.)
A particularly impressive format for submitting your paper :-)

Homework exercises (These are not to be turned in except as announced. Uncollected problems, or questions inspired by them, may show up later on exams.)

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