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A good spouse is a comfort,
and a good dagger is a blessing,
but a good mount is a necessity.

- Bedouin saying

The van above is a signature build of Sportsmobile's Austin location.
They're building me a van, albeit without some of the external gadgets on this one.
Check back for pictures of my van when it's finished!

Cambridge University Press

Oxford University Press (2012).

Oxford University Press

    Contact information:


    • I am now retired, so office hours are by appointment only.
    • Note that in retirement, I plan to travel more, and I expect to be out of cell and email contact for extended periods of time.
    • So if you have an urgent message for me, please call the Philosophy Department at (979) 845-5660 and ask them to forward it to me.

    Other stuff:

270° panorama from "The Point" — Photo © Gary Varner — To view a larger version, click here.