Publications of Gary Varner


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Work in progress:

  1. Sustaining Animals: Envisioning Humane, Sustainable Communities is under contract with Oxford University Press. This will be a sequel to Personhood, Ethics, and Animal Cognition, below.


  1. Environmental Ethics for Environmentalists with Jonathan Newman (an ecologist), and Stefan Linquist (a philosopher of biology), was published in late 2017 by Cambridge University Press.

  2. Personhood, Ethics, and Animal Cognition: Situating Animals in the Two-Level Utilitarianism of R.M. Hare (Oxford University Press, published July 2012).

  3. In Nature's Interests? Interests, Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics (Oxford University Press, 1998).

Journal articles and book chapters:

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Encyclopedia entries

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Other professional publications

  1. Task force member for "Biotechnology in Animal Agriculture: An Overview," CAST (Council for Agricultural Science and Technology) issue paper #23, February 2003.

  2. Reviews of web sites of the International Society for Environmental Ethics and the Center for Environmental Philosophy, for the American Philosophical Association's Newsletter on Computers and Philosophy, fall 1997.