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Inspired Nanomaterials and Tissue Engineering (iNanoTE) Lab

Welcome to the Inspired Nanomaterials and Tissue Engineering (iNanoTE) Lab! Our research spans diverse fields, including materials science, chemistry, stem cells biology and additive biomanufacturing. Specifically, the lab is developing biomimetic nanomaterials with native interface tissue-like gradient in physical and chemical properties, integrating advanced micro- and nano- fabrication technologies to mimic native interface tissue architecture and directing stem cell behavior to obtain regionalized tissue constructs in vitro and in vivo.

This integrated approach brings together a range of seemingly disparate disciplines that will address some of the complexity associated with engineering functional tissue interfaces in a manner that is otherwise not possible. Our research approach is focused on innovation and translational research in Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science, Additive Biomanufacturing and Stem Cells.

Research Mission

The mission of the iNanoTE is to create a research environment that stimulates and fosters a broad range of interdisciplinary approaches to understand nanomaterials-stem cell interactions and bridge the gap between scientific discovery and clinical translation. In particular, the lab will:

(a) Develop and support a highly collaborative research environment in the area of materials science, stem cell biology, additive biomanufacturing and biomedica engineering;

(b) Focus on both fundamental and translational research in regenerative medicine; and

(c) Encourage rapid translation of discoveries into innovative and practical clinical applications.

    Akhilesh K Gaharwar
    "We aim to design "smart" nanomaterials and customize microenvironmental cues to modulate stem cell behavior to address some of the complexity associated with engineering functional tissue."
    -Akhilesh K. Gaharwar, Ph.D

Nanoengineered Biomaterials

Desining Injectable Hydrogels for Hemorrhage.

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Akhilesh K Gaharwar Akhilesh K Gaharwar

Akhilesh K Gaharwar Akhilesh K Gaharwar


We acknowledge funding from NIH, NSF, and TEES for supporting our research efforts.

Featured Publications

  • Jaiswal M.K., Xavier J.R., Desai P., Carrow J.K., Alge D., Gaharwar A.K.*, “Mechanically stiff nanocomposite hydrogels at ultralow nanoparticle content” , ACS Nano, 2016, 10 (1), 246–256
  • Chimene D., Lennox K.K., Gaharwar A.K.*, “Advanced Bioinks for 3D Printing: A Materials Science Perspective” Annals of Biomedical Engineering , 44 (6), 2090-2102, 2016
  • Gaharwar A.K., Arpanaei A., Andresen T.L., Dolatshahi-Pirouz A.*, “3D Biomaterial Microarrays for Regenerative Medicine: Current state-of-the-art, Emerging Directions and Future Trends”, Advanced Materials, 2016 28 (4), 771–781.
  • Xavier J.R, Thakur T., Desai P., Jaiswal M.K., Sears N., Cosgriff-Hernandez E., Kaunas R., Gaharwar A.K.*; “Bioactive Nanoengineered Hydrogels for Bone Tissue Engineering: A Growth-Factor-Free Approach” ACS Nano, 2015, 9 (3), pp 3109–3118