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Akhilesh K. Gaharwar, Ph.D

Principal Investigator

Dr. Gaharwar, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University. His research experience spans diverse fields including materials science, chemistry, biology, and engineering of polymeric biomaterials and nanocomposites. Dr. Gaharwar’s laboratory “Inspired Nanomaterials and Tissue Engineering (iNanoTE)” is developing advanced biomimetic nanostructure for functional tissue engineering. His research program integrates nanomaterials and stem cells for the development of functional tissue engineering. He is leveraging principles from biomedical engineering, materials science, microfabrication, chemistry, and stem cells biology in a unique way to address some of the daunting challenges in regenerative medicine.

Dr. Gaharwar has published 60 high-impact journal articles, two-issued/pending patents, one book chapter, and more than 100 conference presentations and have H-index of 28. He edited two books and is editorial board member of "Bioprinting" and “Scientific Reports” (a Nature Publishing Group). Over 14 major international awards have recognized Dr. Gaharwar’s interdisciplinary research. He receives awards from three major societies: biomedical (2011 BMES Graduate Award, 2013 CMBE - BMES Rising Star/Fellows), materials science (2011 MRS Silver Award), and biomaterials (2010 Society For Biomaterials – STAR). He is also named as 2015 Young Innovator by CMBE-BMES. He was awarded the prestigious “2010 Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation Award” for an outstanding Ph.D dissertation. Other notable awards include “2011 ACTA Student Award”, “2005 DAAD Fellowship” and “2004 MHRD Scholarship”.

Dr. Gaharwar completed his postdoctoral training with Prof. Robert Langer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA) and Prof. Ali Khademhosseini (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA). He received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Purdue University (West Lafayette, USA), Master in Technology (M.Tech) from Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay (India) / RWTH-Aachen (Germany) and Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) from National Institute of Technology – Nagpur (India).


• “Young Innovator" CMBE-BMES. (Oct 2015) • “Orthopedic Special Interest Group (SIG) Merit Award" Society For Biomaterials. (April 2013) • “2013 CMBE - BMES Rising Star/Fellows” by Cellular & Molecular Bioengineering Special Interest Group of Biomedical Engineering Society. (Jan 2013) • “ACTA Student Award by ACTA BIOMATERIALIA”. (Oct 2012) • “International Congress of Interventional Neurology Fellowship”. (Sept 2012) • “DAAD Research Ambassador” by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD, New York). (Aug 2012) • “2011 MRS Graduate Research Silver Award” from the Materials Research Society (MRS). (Nov 2011) • “BMES 2011 Graduate Research Award” by the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES). (Oct 2011) • “2010 Dimitris Chorafas Foundation Award” for outstanding Ph.D dissertation. (Dec 2010) • “2010 Society For Biomaterials STAR (Student Travel Achievement Recognition) Award”. (April 2010) • "DAAD fellowship - Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) (German Academic Exchange Services) Fellowship". (2005) • “Ministry of Human Resource Development Scholarship” (Govt. of India). (2004)

Postdoc & Graduate Students

Manish Jaiswal

Ph. D. (Materials Science), Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India.

Research Interests: Biomaterials, drug delivery systems, tissue engineering

Jake Carrow

BEng (Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering), Vanderbilt University

Research Interests: Bio-inspired materials, Tissue engineering

Lauren Cross

BS (Bioengineering Engineering), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Research Interests: Stem Cells Engineering, Cartilage regeneration, Soft tissue interfaces

Graduate Students

Charles Peak

B.S, M.S (Biomedical Engineering), Purdue University

Research Interests: Hydrogels, Self-adhesive gels, nanoengineered structure, tissue engineering. Leadership role - Founder of BMEGSA at TAMU

David Chimene

B.S (Biomedical Engineering), UT Austin

Research Interests: Stem Cells, Drug Delivery and Nanoengineered Structures

Scott A. Wilson

B.S (Biomedical Engineering), Texas A&M University

Research Interests: Electrospinning, 3D printing Wound healing

Undergraduate Researchers

James Gentry

Sophomore (BME), TAMU

Madyson Muscarello

Sophomore (BME), TAMU

Kunal Shah

Senior (BME), TAMU

Ashwathi Nair

Junior (BME), TAMU

Macie Mayes

Junior (BME), TAMU

Alex (Alexandra) Bock

Junior (Chem), TAMU


37. Evon Looper, Texas A&M University
36. Nathan Constance, Texas A&M University
35. Franklin (Trip) Hise, Texas A&M University
34. Evon Looper, Texas A&M University
33. Kunal Shah, Texas A&M University
32. Sujay Shankar, A&M Consolidated High School
31. Jonathan Griffin, Texas A&M University
30. Camille Zuliani, Texas A&M University
29. Nathan Constance, Texas A&M University
28. Roshni Nambiar, SRM University, India
27. Pournima Prabhakaran, SRM University, India
26. Nima Jalili, Texas A&M University
25. Jiangang Zhou, Wuhan Textile University, China
24. Ashwin Raj, SRM University, India
23. Karthikeyan Baskaran, SRM University, India
22. Punyavee Kerativitayanan (M.S Graduate), Texas A&M University
21. Scott A. Wilson, Texas A&M University
20. Zachary S. Clauss, University of Florida
19. Elsy Rivero, Universidad Modelo, Mexico
18. Giriraj Lokhande, SRM University, India
17. Adrian Olivera, Universidad Modelo, Mexico
16. Tina Thakur, SRM University, India
15. Margarita Khariton,University of Florida
14. Pooja Joshi, SRM University, India
13. Sowmiya Palani, SRM University, India
12. Ramanathan Yegappan, SRM University, India
11. Ashish Thakur, SRM University, India
10. Joshua Wooldridge, Texas A&M University
9. Jin Xiang Yu, Binghamton University
8. Chandani Chitrakar, Texas A&M University
7.Anjana Ramanan, SRM University, India
6. Khoa Tran, Texas A&M University
5. Dr. Sadhan Bag, Scientist, IVRI, India
4. Utashya Shah, Texas A&M University
3. Prachi Desai, SASTRA University, India
2. Brandon Fugate, Texas A&M University
1. Janet R. Xavier, SASTRA University, India