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Gaharwar Lab - News Room & Outreach Activities

  • Gaharwar creating new method to capture human cells highlighted in news. (Aug 2017)

    Our recent work “Vacancy-Driven Gelation Using Defect-Rich Nanoassemblies of 2-D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides and Polymeric Binder for Biomedical Applications” published in Advanced Materials, takes a new approach of forming synthetic gel-like environments to house human cells.

  • Great show by AggiE-Challenge Team at TAMU Engineering Showcase (May 2016)


  • Congrats to Sujay Shankar (High school student in our lab)! He has been honored with several awards at the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival for his research project developing biomaterials for medical implants. Sujay won the Austin Energy Best of Fair Award, the First Place in Senior Division, the ASM Material Education Foundation Award, ISWEEP Award and the U.S. Navy/Marine Science Award for his project. He has also been named a Finalist for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix to be held in May 2016.(April 2016)

    Sujay Shankar

  • New method for strengthening hydrogels could direct stem cell growth

  • Congratulations to Charles Peak and Ramanathan Yegappan for being finalist - Biomaterials Day at Rice University, Houston. (June 2015)

    Charles Peak

    Ramanathan Yegappan

  • Texas A&M-MIT team developing injectable treatment for soldiers wounded in battle
  • Internal bleeding is a leading cause of death on the battlefield, but a new, injectable material developed by team of researchers from Texas A&M University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could buy wounded soldiers the time they need to survive by preventing blood loss from serious internal injuries.

  • Contratulations to Prachi Desai and Janet Xavier for being finalist - Biomaterials Day at Texas A&M University.

    Prachi Desai

    Punyavee Kerativitayanan

    Janet Xavier

  • Research article entitled "Amphiphilic Beads as Depots for Sustained Drug Release Integrated into Fibrillar Scaffolds" published in Journal of Controlled Release (May 2014)
  • Research article entitled "Nanoclay Enriched Poly(ε-caprolactone) Electrospun Scaffolds for Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells" published in Tissue Engineering Part A (May 2014)

  • Punyavee Kerativitayanan presented her research work entitled "Engineering Elastomeric and Mechanically Stiff Nanocomposite by Covalently Crosslinking Poly(glycerol sebacate) and Silicate Nanoplatelets” at the Soceity of Biomaterials Annual Meeting, Denver (2014)
  • Punyavee Kerativitayanan (graduate student) presented her research work entitled "Engineering Elastomeric and Mechanically Stiff Nanocomposite by Covalently Crosslinking Poly(glycerol sebacate) and Silicate Nanoplatelets” at the 247th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Dallas (2014)

  • Invited Talk "Magical Nanoseeds to Grow Bone Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series" by Dr. Gaharwar BME, Texas A&M University (2nd Sept 2013)
  • Our book on the Application of Nanomaterials in Tissue Engineering is published by Woodhead Publishers. The book focuses on nanomaterial technologies that can be used to fabricate high-performance biomaterials with tailored physical, chemical, and biological properties.

  • Welcome to our new graduate student - Punyavee Kerativitayanan. She did her MS from Imperial College London (UK) and BS from Chulalongkorn University (Thailand).
  • Indigenus Nature blog "Away from home: A journey through academia" highlights Dr. Gaharwar's journey.

  • Gaharwar joins Biomedical Engineering @ Texas A&M University. Started setting-up iNanoTE lab. (Aug 2013)
  • Photo Gallery

  • Gaharwar's Lab Photo (Summer 2015)

  • With Prof. Kristi Anseth (University of Colorado Boulder) at SFB Biomaterials Day, Houston (June 2015)

  • With Prof. Nicholas A. Peppas (UTexas - Austin), Ankur Singh (Cornell University) and Shilpa Sant (UPitt) at SFB Annual Meeting. (April 2015)

  • Gaharwar's Lab Photo (Summer 2014)

  • With inspiring mentor - Dr.Robert Langer (MIT). (June 2013)

  • With inspiring mentor - Dr. Ali Khademhosseini (Harvard and MIT) & great friends - Dr. Alpesh Patel (June 2013)

  • MIT and Harvard visit with long time collaborator and friends - Dr. Archana Swami, Dr. Nagarjun Konduru and Dr. Alpesh Patel (May 2013)