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We are always open to explore new research direction related to nanomaterials, stem cells, and tissue engineering and are highly interested to develop collaborative research projects. If you would like to discuss the possibility, then please contact Prof. Gaharwar.

Undergraduates Researchers

We have an opportunity for high achieving undergraduate students interested in a career in research. Your research internship will provide you valuable research skills and publication potential, in the area of nanotechnologies, stem cells, and tissue engineering. Specifically we are integrating nanomaterials and stem cells for the development of functional tissue interfaces. We are leveraging principles from bioengineering, materials science, chemistry, and stem cells biology in a unique way to address some of the daunting challenges in regenerative medicine. The student should commit for (atleast) two semesters of research. Preference will be given to sophomore students. No prior research experience is required but they should be highly motivated and hard working.

Graduates Researchers

We are always looking for highly motivated graduate students. Please contact Prof. Gaharwar with curriculum vita, research statment (1-page max). The students are also encouraged to look for external funding opportunity as it will provide flexibility in selection of research project. To be consider for admission, prospective students are encouraged to apply to the BME department.

Visiting Scientists and Postdocs

We are highly interested in trainning postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientist. If your area of interest overlap with our vision, you are encouraged to contact Prof. Gaharwar for additional information. The visitng scientist should have their own funding.