George Oliver Rogers


Recent Projects

Lake Conre Survey Economic Impact Lake level Reductions on Lake Conroe Area --- Examine the economic impact of lake level fluctuations on nearby communities in Montgomery County through five activities: 1) hydrology of the lake and proposed lake withdrawals, 2) property values of nearby residential properties, 3) discernable impacts of local markets (revenues), 4) the perception of impacts of proposed conditions on resident behavior, and 5) business perceptions of impacts among impacted firms. Concducted for a consortium of organizations and public entities in Montgomery County under the contractuual auspiceof the county, Principal Investigator with S. Brody, G. Moore, J. Saginor (Co-PIs) ($142K)

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Commodity Flow Surveys --- Local Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Data and Methodology Guidance, 2007,  HMCRP, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Principal Investigator ($300K)

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Cape Lookout National Seashore --- Developing a Model Framework for Storm Recovery Planning in coastal Properties of the National Park Service, 2007,  National Park Service, Principal Investigator ($130K)

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Associative Group Analysis Project --- Associative Group Analysis in Support of the Emergency Preparedness Demonstration Project, 2005,  MDC Inc. and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, DHS, Principal Investigator ($57K)

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Capital Hill Project --- Air Response, 2005,  U. S. Army Corp of Engineers, Baltimore, Principal Investigator ($45K)

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Placard Alternative Technology Project --- 2004,Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security,Co-Principal Investigator ($95K)

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Biophelia Research --- Examines various perspectives on the environment in a person's neighborhood.

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Envionmental Bank Research --- Examines environmental mitigation banks in the United States.

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The Bonfire Memorial Project --- Co-director of design competition and Co-Chair of Dedication.

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