Interested in joining the lab?

Prospective Graduate Students

If you are looking to become a Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering, please make a formal application to be admitted to graduate school in our department. Once you are admitted, you will be invited to attend a prospective graduate student visiting weekend. During that visit, and during the subsequent Fall semester after you matriculate (we choose advisors typically late in the Fall semester of your first year), make sure you talk to the graduate students in the lab to help make sure that joining the lab is right for you. (This is good advice no matter what lab you are thinking about joining.)

Undergraduate Students

Typically students work on a volunteer basis during their first semester in the lab. For Chem E students, you will be expected to take research credit in the spring semester of the first year you are with the lab. If you are a senior solely interested in fulfilling research credit, you may need to perform research in the lab for both the Fall and Spring semesters to complete the project.

Prospective Postdocs

The Reeves lab is not currently looking for postdocs.