Post Docs

Aby Thyparambil, PhD.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Developing simulation methodologies for small molecule sensing and particle dispersion

Graduate Students

Sara Abasi, MSBE

Graduate Research Assistant

Electroconductive hydrogel to support electric field guided stem cell differentiation and for electric field stimulation to induce axonal regeneration

Ankita Bhat, MSBE

Graduate Research Assistant

Multi-analyte biosensor for physiological status monitoring during hemorrhage

Brandon Walther

Graduate Research Assistant

An integrated hiPSC vessel-on-a-chip/NO biosensor system for the study of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome

Lauren Whitney

Graduate Research Assistant

Electrically-stimulated differentiation of purkinje cells from IPSCs within conductive hydrogels

Allyson Camp

Graduate Research Assistant

Aesthetic Features of Pediatric Medical Devices that Influence Adherence to Treatment

Undergraduate Students

Jesse Phipps

Iris Vallavanatt

Lamya El Nihum

Ryan Davis