Previous Graduate Students

John R. Aggas

Biologically responsive soft circuit elements: Towards implantable bioelectronics

Ph.D. 2019

John R. Aggas

Electrical Characterization of Gold and Platinum Thin Film Electrodes with Polyaniline Modified Surfaces

M.S. 2015

Dr. Olukayode Karunwi

CNT-Protein Conjugates
for Generation-3
Biosensors and Advanced Biofuel Cells

Ph.D. 2015

Dr. Nolan Wilson

Drug Delivery with
Feedback Control
Bioresponsive Hydrogels

Ph.D. 2014

Dr. Christian N. Kotanen

Implantable biosensors for physiologic status
monitoring during

Ph.D. 2013

Subra Nag

Crosslink Density of a Biomimetic Poly(HEMA) Hydrogel Influences Growth of RMS 13 Cells

M.S. 2012

Christian N. Kotanen

Amperometric Biosensors to Influence Outcomes
of Trauma
Related Hemorrhage

M.S. 2012

Olukayode Karunwi

CNT-Protein Conjugates for Generation-3 Biosensors
Advanced Biofuel Cells

M.S. 2012

Dr. G. Scott Taylor

Class Prediction of Primary Brain Tumors Using
Microarray Gene Expression Analysis

Ph.D. 2006

Dr. Ann M. Wilson

Novel Composite Polyaniline-Based Materials for Fluoxetine Monitoring and Calcium Release

Ph.D. 2006

Sheena Abraham

Molecularly Engineered Hydrogels
Implant Biocompatibility

M.S. 2005

Vandana Gupata

Molecularly Engineered Hydrogels
Implant Biocompatibility

M.S. 2005

G. Scott Taylor

The Influence of Production Variables in Gene Expression Profiling Using Spotted Oligonucleotide Microarrays

M.S. 2004

Derk J. Bemeleit

Pre-clinical Investigation of the Mechanism of Novel Platinum Compounds in Malignant Glioma

Diploma 2003

Gymama Slaughter

Improving Neuron-to-electrode Surface Attachment (NESA) Via Alkane Thiol Self-Assembly: An AC Impedance Study

M.S. 2003

T. Chris Hang

Frequency Dependent and Surface Characterization of DNA Immobilization and Hybridization

M.S. 2003

Dr. Sean I. Brahim

Use of Modified Poly(HEMA) Hydrogels in Biosensor Construction and Controlled Release of Insulin

Ph.D. 2001

Undergraduate Students

Dale Conrad (Summer 2018)
Jasper Ocampo (Fall 2019)
Camille Schroeder (Fall 2019)
Lauren Whitney (Fall 2017)
Michael Deprest (Summer 2017)
Michael Zimmerman (Summer 2017)
Victoria Nguyen (Spring 2017)
Blake Smith (Summer 2016)
Alyssa Seunarine (Summer 2016)
Earl Hughes III (Summer 2016)
Rafael Viana Camara (Summer 2016)
Allison Braithwaithe (Summer 2016)
Allison Braithwaithe (Summer 2015)
Vincent James Winkler (Summer 2015)
Stephanie Kubecka (Summer 2015)
Fouzan Alam (Summer 2014)
Brittany Alam (Summer 2014)
Fouzan Alam (Fall 2013/Spring 2014)
Melissa Danielle Gaillard (Fall 2013)
Jorge I. Hernandez (Summer 2013)
Nicholas Finch (Spring/Fall 2013)
Fouzan Alam (Spring/Fall 2013)
John Colema Smith(Spring/Fall 2013)
Ben Murphy (Spring/Fall 2012)
Hanna Aucoin (Spring/Fall 2012)
Andrew Theramus (Fall 2011)
Cyril Vallet (Summer 2011)
Elizabeth Savage (Summer 2011)
Rachelle Izdiak (Fall 2010)
Jordan Byrd (Fall 2010)
Mark Kalata (Fall 2010)
Lorchan Ingham (Summer 2010)
Ronodeep K. Srimani (Summer 2010)

Ruth Salas (Summer 2010)
Elizabeth Savage (Summer 2010)
Britany Sezdiol (Summer 2010)
Dustin Flake (Summer 2009)
Lorchan Ingham (Spring 2009)
Justin Galloway (Spring 2009)
Lorchan Ingham (Fall 2008)
Lorchan Ingham (Summer 2008)
Chris Briere (Fall 2007)
Meena Mirdamadi (Summer 2007)
Stephen Finley (2006-2007)
Kely Sheldon (2006-2007)
Ryan Georgiana (Summer 2004)
Amber Smith (Summer 2004)
Brad Gordon (Summer 2004)
Chris Nixon (Summer 2004)
Brad Gordon (Fall 2003)
David Cochran (Summer 2003, Fall 2003)
Aisha C. Robinson (Summer 2003)
Ryan Georgiana (Summer 2003)
Vivik Agrawal, (Summer 2002)
Ryan Trull, (Summer 2002)
Greg Williams (Summer 2001)
Katherine Scott (Summer 2001)
Nyan Win (Summer 2001)
Amber Clausi (Summer 2000)
Karry Gandy (Summer 2000)
Samuel Anin (1999 - 2000)
Kerrianne Cullen (1999 - 2000)
Tuan Hoang (1999 - 2000)
Catherine Ellen (Spring 2000)
Christopher Tin Hang (1998 - 2000)
Thomas Oh, (1997 - 2000)
Stacy Davis, (NSF REU, Summer 1999)