A Survival Guide for Librarians in the Digital Age


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Speaking of "librarian", you might have an image of a serious lady wearing thick glasses always behind a pile of books, or you might think librarians are those who check materials or reshelf books. However, librarians in this digital ages have much more skills and knowledge than you imagined. There are more varieties of librarians than you've even known. You may explore this guide for a better understanding of who they are and how they are helping you get information.

If you are interested in choosing librarianship as your future career, you must be aware that the minimal requirement of a librarian position is the prossession of a Master's degree of Library and/or Information Science (known as MLIS, MLS or MIS). Many professional librarians even have multiple master degrees, so that they are knowledgable enough to meet library users' information needs in certain subjects. You may begin with the "LIS Education" section. Please note the initials "LIS" stand for Library and Information Science in this guide.

If you are a student in a library school or already a librarian, I hope you will find this guide informative. It will help you know the latest library technologies, information policy issues, and how to be a successful librarian.

Professional activities

Coming events

ALA 2006 Midwinter Meeting, January 20 - 25, 2006, San Antonio, TX.

Canadian Library Week, October 17 ~ 24, 2005.

LITA 2005 National Forum, September 29 - October 2, 2005
San Jose Marriott Hotel, San Jose, California.


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