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Iman Ataee Langroudy

Physics Graduate Student
Experimental High Energy Physics
Texas A&M University

About Me

I'm Iman Ataee Langroudy. I was born in 1994 in Iran. I moved to the US to study Physics at graduate level at 2018.

About my research:

Currently I'm a member of Prof. David Toback's reasearch group in searching for Dark Matter.
CDMS experiment studies the physics of the Dark Matter detector. Detector Monte Carlo software has been developed by Super CDMS to simulate phonon and charge propagation within the detectors in addition to detector readout (for both charge and phonons). I'm contributing to the CDMS experiment by simulating the response of the dark matter detector to known sources. The results from this Monte Carlo simulation will be used to analyze real experiment data. We expect to find evidence of dark matter, possibly in the form of WIMPs
I'm also an admin trainee on Brazos Cluster. I'm also the administrator of the Toback Research Group Website.

About my passions:

I have a huge passion on Physics, Mathematics, and Programming. I spent most of my life learning Physics and Mathematics and I self learnt Programming since I was a high school student
Gaming is an important part of my free times. I mostly play MMO games like World of Warcraft. But also, I'm a huge fan of indie games like Undertale.
Classic Rock and Instrumental Jazz are my taste of musics. I can name Pink Floyd and Radiohead as my most favorite bands. I dream about being a good electronic guitar player.

My research interests:

I love Programming above all, even knowing that I dedicated my past to physics. I think I'm more talented and more passionate in programming than anything else. I also love logic, and I can hardly leave anything unproven for myself. In my opinion, Mathematics is the language of logic, and this means that Mathematics is my most preferred "language." On the other hand physics is the key to my philosophical questions, and therefore, I see physics as my way to try to answer them. My research interests currently (January 2020) are:
  • Computational Physics
  • Experimental High Energy Physics
  • Data Science
  • Cosmology
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Nanotechnology
  • My Curriculum Vitae:

    For more Informations about my background, you can download my CV from this link



    I have tought 9 classes as a teaching assistant:
  • Recitations TA of Physics 206 — Mechanics at Texas A&M University, Spring 2020
  • Recitations TA of Physics 207 — Electricity and Magnetism at Texas A&M University, Fall 2019
  • Recitations and LaboratoriesTA of Physics 202 — Electricity and Magnetism at Texas A&M University, Summer 2019
  • Grader of Physics 401 — Computational Physics at Texas A&M University, Spring 2019
  • Recitations and Laboratories TA of Physics 109 — Big Bang, Black Holes, No Math at Texas A&M University, Fall 2018
  • Recitations TA of General Physics at University of Tehran, Fall 2014 and Fall 2017
  • Recitations TA of Electronics 1 at University of Tehran, Spring 2015
  • Recitations TA of Logic Circuits at University of Tehran, Fall 2015
  • Experimental Dark Matter:

  • SuperCDMS Collabration
  • Prof. David Toback's Research Group
  • SLAC SuperCDMS
  • Contact Me

    Email Address:

    Telephone Number:

    +1 979-450-6596

    Work Address:

    Department of Physics and Astronomy, 4242 TAMU, College Station, TX


    MPHY 307