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Our mission is to provide an interdisciplinary home for discovering and sharing knowledge about the integration of biological and cultural diversity. For additional information, contact the lab director: Dr. Jane Packard

News: Congrats to Virginia Sanders for completing her Masters. and Citlally Jimenez for completing her report! Welcome to Heather Crane, our newest grad student. Rachel Rommel continues to study Houston Toad education programs. Tammy Cloutier is focused on enrichment in Painted Dogs. Helen Boostrom is investigating ipads for chimps.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Sponsors or Partners.

Teaching: For an overview of courses, visit our relocated Portal: beginning (WFSC 422/632 fall), intermediate (WFSC 622 spring), advanced (WFSC 620 summer with webinars offered through AZA professional development). For undergrad Guided Inquiry projects, visit Nature's Partners: Predators, prey and you

Research Highlights: Our study of faculty perspectives on e-learning graduate degrees in wildlife and natural resources is completed. We collaborate with Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and The Wilds on studies of behavioral resilience within the Sustainable Herds Project of the Conservation Centers for Species Survival.

Outreach in Cross-Cultural Communication: Our weekend workshop in Communities and Conservation bridges science and practice using a cultural models approach. This seminar demonstrates the larger benefits to society of research and education funded in part by NSF through the Applied Biodiversity Sciences Program.

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