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Me Lookin' Fly

Howdy! Welcome to Jacob Mathews' personal webhome. These pages, desgined specifically for my ICEN 209 class, give a brief description of who I am, where I'm going and what I believe in. All the pages you see here were created in HTML with great help from Professor Wanda Curtsinger. This is the Home Page. Here I give a brief description of both the purpose and function of this website as well as the lovely picture of myself you see above. If you follow the My Life link above you will be led to a page describing me. This contains personal information about myself, a window into the soul. The Profile link will lead you to the more professional side of my life. There I provide a link to my resume as well as some more relevant work related experience and info.

Since the goal of this website is to inform (and also to get a good grade) I will now provide the standard summative information on myself. I am a senior computer science major at Texas A&M University (WHOOP!). I'm taking this course to get that sweet sweet business minor. I am currently employed as a student worker on campus working for Provost IT Office. I do tech support for the Career Center and Admissions Counseling, repairing broken computers and installing software when requested. This is (hopefully) only a temporary stop as the dream is to eventually code for a video game developer, someone like Nintendo. Coming from a TAMU family, where both my parents and all 12 of my aunts and uncles went to Texas A&M it seems like this may have been the only path I could have taken. But I always have loved the spirit of Texas A&M and have enjoyed my time here, both at work, at school, and as a member of the fightin' Texas Aggies.

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