Physics 207, Electricity and Magnetism

Joseph Ross, Spring 2021

Sections 531-536; TR 8 AM lectures

 General course information: 

This is a simplified webpage for course information and links. For more detailed course information please go to the common course web-page for Phys 207-University Physics sections. (There are three parallel lecture sections this semester.) Here a link to the syllabus for our lecture, updated with power-outage-related schedule changes. Grades and lecture slides will be posted on eCampus rather than on this website.

Zoom links and information for students joining the course late: I will send links for the continuing online class sessions & office hours by email. If you missed my email or misplaced the link, send me an email. As the course proceeds, links for followup online sessions will continue to be sent to tamu email accounts of everyone registered for the class; watch for these. Also if you signed up for the course late or just before classes started, I sent several emails with information about the course that might be useful. To review these, see this link.

Also note: The PHYS 206 Mechanics course website has step-by-step instructions for getting onto the Sapling website starting on eCampus, which applies also to our course and might be useful, see here.

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Dr. Ross' home page.
Department of Physics & Astronomy page.
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