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Texas A&M University
TAMU Physics and Astronomy department / Physics Graduate Advisor page
TAMU Materials Science & Engineering department
TAMU College of Science

Physics and Materials information:
MRS Materials 360.
Physics APS spotlight page
Science News.
PhysicsWeb (IOP).
WebElements periodic table.
Periodic table at Los Alamos.
NMR periodic table (Thomas Vosegaard, Aarhus Univ.).
NRL Crystal Lattice Structures page
(currently on hiatus, either follow instructions here, or see it hosted here.)
Wyckoff positions at Bilbao crystallographic server.
Nice wepage at Oklahoma summarizing crystallographic symmetries.
CCP14 crystallography databases (not updating, still some useful stuff).
Crystallography Open Database database of many crystal structures; cif files.
ICSD database crystal structure reference.
The Materials Project database established under Materials Genome project.
Citrination database of materials properties.
Type 2 superconductors page.
The Fermi Surface database (U. Florida).

American Physical Society.
Institute of Physics
Materials Research Society.
American Chemical Society.
Journals and media:
Phys. Rev. journals. / Phys. Rev. Lett.. / Phys. Rev. B
Applied Physics Letters, APL Materials
Journal of Applied Physics
IoP journals. / J. Phys. Condensed Matter. e-print archives
Review of Scientific Instruments.
Nature / Nature Materials
Physics Today
Physica C (sciencedirect).
J. Physical Soc. of Japan.
ACS journals.
J. Alloys and Compounds.
JMMM / Solid State Commun.
TAMU library.

$Funding organizations$ :
NSF / Fastlane.
Robert A. Welch Foundation
DOE Office of Science.
NASA research page.